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Exercise prescription, scientific watch, training, clinical support, check-ups... stay up to date and achieve optimal treatments.

+15,000 physiotherapists and physio students in the community

Fullphysio brings me a lot for my internships and to complete my initial training!

Romane D.
Physiotherapy student

I am very satisfied with the platform, I use it on a daily basis to work on my patient assessments, provide exercises, review pathos that I am a little less familiar with.

Vincent K.

Thank you for allowing us to have quality and detailed content both in theory and in practice. I save 4 hours per week monitoring science and looking for exercises adapted to my patients. This is a real plus in my practice.

Beatrice D.

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Solutions designed with 💛 for physiotherapists by physiotherapists to be truly useful to you!

+3200 resources and tools to stay on top of your clinical practice!

Don't waste any more time and get fast access to reliable, up-to-date information that's kept up to date with the latest scientific developments.

To offer you the very best, all resources are produced by +150 scientific contributors (physiotherapists, doctors, surgeons, etc.) all experts in their fields.

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Perfect your practice through continuous training!

Covered and indemnified training created by the best specialists so that you can develop immediately applicable skills.

E-learning, Virtual classes, Blended learning... Learn at your own pace and in the formats that suit you best.

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Fullphysio Care, the co-pilot of your exercise prescription

Accompany your patients towards active rehabilitation, with ease.We want to offer you the best exercise prescription software for physiotherapists!

To achieve this, the whole team is working hard to provide you with a first tool that's easy to learn, and that will enable you to make your first prescriptions with ease. This tool will rapidly evolve into a more advanced, feature-rich version, to offer you the best possible service!

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Who is Fullphysio designed for?

Fullphysio is designed for Physical Therapist who want to keep up to date with the latest developments in their clinical practice and deliver optimal treatments.

Fullphysio is open to physiotherapy students and all healthcare professionals involved in rehabilitation.

What's the difference between Fullphysio and Fullphysio Academy?

Through Fullphysio you can access thousands of informative resources and useful tools for your clinical practice. For example, you can learn about new ways to manage patients with ACL injuries, find the most suitable therapeutic exercises for your patients, or download scales and scores.

Fullphysio Academy is Fullphysio's continuing education center. With Fullphysio Academy you can follow qualifying training courses as part of continuing professional development, to achieve optimal treatment for specific pathologies.

Who creates Fullphysio resources and training courses?

We are dedicated to offering you the very best. To do this, we surround ourselves with the best specialists to offer you content of the highest quality and scientific relevance.

Today, we have the pleasure of collaborating with over 150 professionals (physiotherapists, doctors, surgeons, etc.) to offer you the best possible resources and training!
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